Tzu Chi International School Kuala Lumpur


For Academic Year 2021

Level Application Fees
Enrolment Fees
Security Deposit
Annual Tuition Fee
Nursery 100 1,000 3,000 12,000
Reception 100 1,000 3,000 12,000
Primary Year1 250 1,500 3,600 14,400
Primary Year2 250 1,500 3,900 15,600
Primary Year3 250 1,500 4,350 17,400
Primary Year4 250 1,500 4,350 17,400
Primary Year5 250 1,500 4,800 19,200
Secondary Year7 300 1,500 5,400 21,600
Secondary Year8 300 1,500 5,700 22,800
Secondary Year9 300 1,500 6,000 24,000

* School Fees for non-Malaysian, please click HERE

1. Application fee is a one-time payment and non-refundable. All applicants wishing to join the School are required to pay the Application Fee prior to enrolment, failing which the application will not be processed.
2. Enrolment fee is a one-time payment and non-refundable. All new students are required to pay the Enrolment Fee and Security Deposit upon receipt of the School Offer Letter to secure the placement.
3. Security Deposit is non-transferable but refundable with a three-month written notice received and acknowledged by TCISKL. All students are required to maintain the security deposit at its full amount. There will be a need to top up the security deposit at the ruling rate when students progress from Kindergarten to Primary level, from Primary to Secondary level and from Secondary to A-Level.
4. Tuition Fees are payable based on TCISKL payment term and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Tuition fees are due and payable before the end of each payment term.
5. Tuition Fees are inclusive of lunch, student accident insurance, school-based assessment, science lab, computer lab, library, music room and wifi internet access.
6. Tuition Fees are exclusive of uniform, accessories, textbooks, workbooks, learning resources, external examinations, air-conditioner charges, co-curriculum, school trips or outing activities etc.
7. The School reserves the right to adjust fees and the payment term with written notice to parents.